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Clean With Vinegar

I don't know if you are like me and you second guess your cleaning product "is it safe or not?" I have found a way to clean that is natural and CHEEP .  It is so safe you can even DRINK IT!  You may even have this miracle produce in the house right now! VINEGAR!
Lavender, lemon, mint vinegar
Disinfectant usually smells like.....well....disinfectant.  You can change the smell of this vinegar by simply infusing some flowers or herbs in it.  This works best in a glass jar, I use a large canning jar.  Fill the jar with any scented petals like: rose petals, lavender flowers, mint, lemon peel, or lemon flower. Make sure everything isn't sprayed with weed killer or any other substance.

Fill the jar with white vinegar and screw the lid down tight.  Put the jar into a sunny window or outside in the sun for a week then filter the vinegar through a colander or coffee filter and your all done.

The storage container makes it perfect!
 Now your vinegar smells better and looks pretty too.  Play around with different herb combinations.  You can also take a different route and just add some essential oil to the vinegar. The color of the flower will tint the vinegar.
Here is a great website for vinegar usage if you didn't already know about the powerful cleaning properties 
I have even used the vinegar on my face as an astringent, and in my bath to soften my skin.  Clean your hair with a herbal vinegar rinse too!

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