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Crafy Kid Stuff

I figure that all the cool kid crafts use recycled materials, meaning they are FREE! Re-purposing something for a craft project just makes sense when kids are involved.  There is no waste and no extra money spent. You can find lots of craft supplies at thrift stores or yard sales.  Here is a fun idea we learned about in art class a few years ago.

Make your own chunky crayons (the pictures are from random websites, but the site below is worth a look)

Melt crayon bits in the oven on LOW until they look smooth

Use an oven safe silicone mold!

Now with your newly made crayons you can do some cool stuff.  Find some texture and rub it on some ordinary computer paper. Look around texture is everywhere, the wall, the floor, the bottom of your shoe, a tree, leaves.....endless. This is a great rainy day activity.  It actually uses a lot of energy scrubbing those big crayons across the paper.

Now you can use water color and paint over the crayon rubbing and create a masterpiece!  Mount your child's (or your own) artwork on a nice heavy piece of black construction paper for the perfect finishing touch.

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