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Natural Cosmetics

Yes you can make your own facial creams.  Every ingredient is EDDIBLE so it would seem they would be safe since your skin is your biggest organ and you can absorb things into your body from your skin.  These aren't super glamorous and some are messy, but give it a try.  Give up convenience in a jar and take a little time to make some natural beauty aids, your skin will thank you. 


peel and mash, spread the mixture over your face and lay down for 20 minutes.  This is great for dry skin, the oils and vitamins in banana can't be beat.

STRAWBERRY- mash fresh or thawed berries and smooth the mixture over your face.  Lay down for 10 minutes and think about how the strawberry is cleaning out your pores and tightening your skin.  Add some plain yogurt or sour cream to the mix for a creamier paste.

HONEY- simply pat the honey on your face, this is a great mask if you don't have time to lay down.  Honey and lemon juice is a great facial toner and bleaches out age spots and freckles.  Leave this on for only 5 minuets.

OATMEAL- this is a fun mask, after I make the kids oatmeal I swipe a finger full of oatmeal water or a small bit of oatmeal and dab it on my face.  Allow the oatmeal to dry on your face, then scrub it off.  You will feel very refreshed and have a smooth face all day!  Oatmeal is also great in the bath, simply tie 1/4 cup oatmeal in a washcloth and use it to scrub your skin (more on that later)

CARROTS- puree or grate a raw carrot.  You can add a mix of honey or yogurt to make the carrot stay on your face as you lay down for 10 minutes.  This is a great facial for blemished skin.  You can also cook a carrot (which releases more vitamin A) and spread this mash all over your face while it is still warm. 
Many of these concoctions are from a great book I have had over 13 years now
It is written by Myra Cameron and Theresa Foy DiGeronimo.  It is worth getting and can be purchased on ebay or amazon.  I will be putting up some more "Natural Cosmetics" when time allows me.  ENJOY!

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