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Raw Veggie Biscuits

 Fresh raw ingredients.

This is what Robb calls the "goulash" stage.

An ice-cream scoop makes perfect portion sizes.

My husband Robb calls this "Vegetable Goulash" my kids look at me like I am kidding when I ask them to try one of these creations. By trial and error I bring you the Raw Veggie Biscuits. they are tolerable, BECAUSE THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOD FOR YOU!  It is survival food.  You can dip them in salsa or eat them plain.  Top them with some lunch meat and lettuce, if Robb can eat them ANYONE can. 

*1 whole onion
*5 stalks of celery
*3 large carrots
*1 bunch of cilantro
*5 cloves garlic
*1 cup soaked almonds (soak for 1 day)
*2 cups soaked flax seeds (soak for 1 day)
*5 small sweet peppers or 1 large bell pepper
*2 stalks of broccoli
*2 teaspoons cumin
*1 teaspoon salt
*2 teaspoons cillie powder
*2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil
You have to prepare a little, soak the nuts for 1 day then get to work. Simply puree everything in a blender and dehydrate for a day. Play around with the ingredients, be brave, if you don't have something on hand try something else.

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