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What is for dinner?

"What is for dinner mom?"  I hate that, because most of the time I don't know myself.  So here is a little trick I worked up for my sanity.
You will have to purchase only one thing, or spin this idea off and make do with what you have.
First you will need a pack of magnet printing paper, I got mine at Staples a number of years ago and had one sheet left just for this project.

Next type up your favorite dinner, breakfast and lunch foods spelled out separately.  Print out your sheet and cut each word into a strip then you can put them on your refrigerator and arrange them in groups.

I used to print out a weekly meal plan but ended up borrowing from so many days by the end of the week I didn't know what to make anymore. This keeps up with the real time of my crazy life.  You could even use this for a grocery list! You could also arrange them on a tin tray on the wall if you don't have room on your frig. So I thought I would share that little idea that zapped into my head on the way home from the grocery store.  I am sure God was helping me out here!


  1. This is a great idea! Do you let the kids make up a menu? You could teach this as a nutrition class for home school. They might come up with some pretty interesting combos.

  2. Good idea...Unfortunately when I shop I have meal ideas only and not a menu...Maybe I should be more specific.
    A pastor yesterday was talking about all things needing a "blueprint" for success...This sounds like just what he was talking about.