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Animal visitors

Living out in the country on a ranch opens you up to wildlife, sometimes we see them from afar and some times they are way too close.  Sometimes we have animal visitors that just make our heads shake.  Let me give you a little gimps at some of these animals we caught with the camera.
We have a mess of California Quail.

A little horned lizard.
We have seen quite a few Rattle Snakes!

Our resident bobcat.
Some of our many deer.

A momma and baby deer.

Sometimes other peoples animals visit us.
No these are not cattle, that was the first mistake I made.  These are yaks, and no I don't know why someone was raising yaks on our road.  We get over 100 degree summers here so they don't seem to be a good animal for this area.  Rounding up yaks is difficult to say the least.  
Wild turkeys
 I caught these guys on camera in the middle of the night.  The pictures are kinda grainy but you get the idea who they are.  The wild pigs around here are so noisy, and they aren't scared of us.  They do havoc on the lawn and any tender plant you are trying to grow. 
And now we come to my favorite picture of an animal.  A dead raccoon!  I hate these guys.  They are bold and stare me down when I try and scare them away.  They kill our chickens and eat my corn.  This particular raccoon now sleeps 3 feet under! 

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