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Color Fun

This is a great activity for a rainy day although the kids (and you) will have more fun outside where they can get messy.  All you need is a box of food coloring and some clear jars (plastic or glass) that is all.
Start by filling each jar half full of water then add one drop of blue food coloring in jar number one and a drop of red food coloring in jar number two then a few drops of yellow in the last jar.  Have some empty jars for color mixing
The colors start off primary.
Soon the colors are mixed.
Now we are moving into the brown colors!
Time to start all over, but that is the beauty of it.......all you have to do is start with clean water and a few more drops of food coloring.  You could play this all week for just $1 worth of food coloring.  And your child is learning valuable skills, mixing colors, pouring, handling kitchen get it.  Another great tool for this is a turkey baster, I don't have mine around in this picture but it makes everything sooooo much more fun.
The kids will have so much fun!  Sometimes my kids pretend they are making a magic potion or cooking something exotic.  You could even add a few pots and pans to the mix for even more imaginative play.

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