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Easter Treats

Easter is definitely worth celebrating!  It is a time to remember our risen Lord and celebrate new beginnings. Speaking of new beginnings, this Easter we are celebrating without candy, but the kids won't feel let down at all.  Here are a few tips for a candy free Easter.

Fill plastic eggs with little toys, art supplies or money.  If you have more than one child you might want to try and assign one color egg for each child to find.  My son finds the green eggs and my youngest daughter finds the purple eggs.  Then when you hide the eggs you can make some simple to find for the younger ones and disperse prizes equally.  One year my son couldn't find some of his eggs on Easter, but found them a few months later when the grass turned yellow. 

My girls get cute new socks and hair barrettes.  My son gets some LEGO pieces, and little gag gifts. 
Anything that will fit in an egg!

My girls love socks!
Check out for these!

LEGO pick a brick is a great place for little parts!

Make your egg hunt a treasure hunt, hide a few clues in the plastic eggs.  These clues lead to a big prize. We have done this for the past two years, it is pretty simple but does require some planning.  Add one clue egg to the main egg hunt then as the kids are looking through their loot they will find the clue.  The clue leads them to a second location where they find another egg with a second clue.  The clue search can go on for as long as you think they can handle.  The final clue leads to the prize!  It makes the egg hunt fun for older kids who think they are too old for such things anymore. 

I know a number of families that do "resurrection eggs" to tell the story of the first Easter.  Check this link out if you want to know more.
This is a great link on how to make resurrection eggs

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