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How To Make Almond Flour

 Most of my baked goods are made of almond flour.  In order to keep the grocery bill down I have learned to grind my own almond flour.  I will take you through to process with my Vita Mix, you could probably do the same process with a coffee grinder or even a food processor.
 Gather some supplies, a bag of almonds, your grinder, a large bowl and a collander with a fine mesh.
 Add your almonds to the grinder, I am using a Vita Mix grain mill here.
 I process the almonds on high then slow it down a little so the big pieces fall into the middle and send it up to high again.  This takes less than a minute. 
 There are always going to be chunks of almonds so you simply sift them out. Use the left over chunks to make my Raw energy bars! click here for the recipe -
 Now you have your nutritious almond flour.
Store your almond flour in the frig.


  1. I'm considering getting a Vitamix specifically for Almond nut and coconut flours and butters. Can you tell me why you wouldn't run the "Chunks" though the machine again? Also, do you have experience with nut butters?

  2. LindieLee, great question! I would highly recommend the Vitamix for making flours and butters from coconut and nuts. I use the "Dry Grains Container" for making all my flours. It is worth the extra money. I have made almond butter before and it was yummy. Easy to do, dump the almonds into the Vitamix canister and add salt to taste....away you go! Here is a great site to check out

    About the regrinding of the large almond chunks, yes you can. I just like the size of the bits left over for other recipes.