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Making Pajama Pants

Yes it can be done, I can finish a sewing project that was cut out two years ago!  I was always coming across these pajama pants that I had cut out from a pattern, they were in the way when I was looking for something else. I had made my son some pajama pants two years ago and had not gotten around to finishing the last pair.  Well yesterday was the day!  I feel so proud of myself.
I wanted to take you through a step by step of this process to show you how easy sewing acctually is.  If you own a sewing machine, dust if off, and start sewing again!

Here are the fabric pieces two fronts and two backs

sew the fronts and backs together from the waist line to the crotch

open them up, you can see the the legs aren't sew together.
sew the front to the back crotch and inseam first then the outside leg seams

turn the pants right side out, now they look like pants!
hem the pant-legs and the waistline
All hemmed up
To thread the elastic through the pants I simply attach a large safetypin
I left a spot open on the waistline to thread the elastic through

The elastic is in and I sew the ends together.

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