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Organize The Laundry

This is a cool idea I have been using for a while.  Named laundry baskets!
I was getting tired of sorting through the laundry and making nice folded piles of clothes for the kids to put away.  The kids would inevitably demolish the nice pile to get something on the bottom and they wouldn't carry the whole load to their room.  So now I just throw their clothes into "their" basket and they take it to their room to put away.  And maybe the basket sits in their room a couple of days, no biggy it is still in a nice confined basket.  These baskets were purchased for $1 each at Walmart.  Nice investment huh? (In this picture all the clothes are folded in the basket, that is just for show, usually the clothes are just thrown in) Laundry gets done pretty quick around here now.

You could have different colors for each family member.  Make sure the baskets can stack together easily so they are easy to store and don't take up much room.

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