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Start a Worm Bin

   I was passively researching the "Worm Bin" for a number of years.  It always seemed so complicated.  Well I am here to tell you that it IS NOT COMPLICATED.  You can start one in a Rubbermaid tote, an old sandbox, a trash can or a kitty litter bucket!
   Now you may be wondering why I would want to start a worm bin, because it produces the most wonderful fertilizer on God's green earth!  The worms can compost your kitchen scraps, the Sunday paper and some cardboard boxes in about two weeks!  Yes PAPER, napkins, newspaper, junk mail, paper towels, and they LOVE shredded paper. 
   Here is how I did it, and then I will give you some links for some other ideas.  This all started from a homeschool workshop about vermicomposting.  Red wiggler worms eat and digest the kitchen scraps and paper and turn it into BLACK GOLD compost fertilizer.  
Red Wiggler worm

First I started with a wooden frame and attached some chicken wire to the bottom, then layed down some weed block so the worms wouldn't exit the bottom and to keep the dirt where I want it.  I have a top that is waterproof and sheds the rain (so the worms don't drown) and that about did it. I wanted a big worm bin because I can fill it in about one week.  I now have two bins going right now.
Here is a picture of the finished project.

This is half of an old sandbox I made.

Here are some of the things I feed my worms.
Anything but meat and cheese.

Paper and cardboard.
And this is what it looks like when they are all done.

Here is a link to a plastic Rubbermaid tote worm bin.
Here is a link to a worm bin made from a kitty litter bucket.
Here is how to make a worm bin from a metal trash can.
Here are some instructions and troubleshooting advice once you start your bin.


  1. We need more informaiton about how you started it- did you add dirt? Where did you get the worms- do you mix the scraps in when you add them???

  2. will it matter if it's in direct sunlight?? Did I ask where you go the worms?

  3. Yes add some dirt, some newspaper shavings, and some kitchen scraps. Throw the worms on top of that and you are good to go. I think you can get red wigglers at Walmart? Any bait store maybe. I got my handful of worms from a home school workshop. The worm bin should be located out of super sunny spots.

  4. My daughter use to have a worm bin years she will not even touch a worm! :)