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Wild Eddibles - Miners Lettuce

I have been getting into a few books about eating from the wild. Euell Gibbons, Bradford Angier, and a couple other herbal lore books.  I will list them at the end of this posting if you want to investigate further. 
 Miners Lettuce is pretty common around here, and seems to boom around spring. It tastes like spinach, it is easy to identify and easy to gather. It is said that the early California settlers were shown this plant by the Native Americans.  Since the early settlers didn't have time to start a garden (they were too busy looking for gold) this was an excellent source of vitamin C for them, and can be for you too!  Best of all it is FREE!  The harvest season is pretty short so get out there in the early spring and fill up on natures bounty.
This clump is growing under one of our oak trees.

Add the large leaves, flowers and all to your salad.
Another note, this lettuce doesn't do well in the frig at all.  you have to eat it soon after harvest.  Here are some of the books I have been foraging through.

Bradford Angier

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