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It is the day of our Risen Lord.  There is no better way to celebrate new beginnings than to go out side and enjoy God's creation.   Every spring is a new beginning, everyday is a new beginning with Christ.  Just look at all the color around us. 
Wow, the flowers are out and they are beautiful.  Do you ever wonder what their names are?  I just have to show you a few flowers and give you a link to a native plant nursery in the San Luis Obispo Ca. area.  It is a great site for reference and if you are in the market to buy check them out!

Here are some of our favorite Native plants that grow right here!


Viola pedunculata

 Owl's Clover

Orthocarpus densiflorus



Dendromecon rigida -- Bush Poppy

Pedicularis densiflora - Indian warrior

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