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Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit

I have been wanting to do this for awhile now.  So I finally broke down and bought this Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit.  It was about $30.00 and is supposed to produce lots of button mushrooms.  It will be a great experiment if nothing else.
    I am growing my mushrooms in a bathroom cupboard.  Out of the way and in a damp warm environment.  The mold smells a little musty, that is something to consider if you want to try this.   There are detailed instructions in the package so you can't go wrong.  I will just give you a quick visual of the process.
It mails to you in the box you grow in.
Dampen the soil and cover the box for a week.

This is about 2 weeks later, it is starting to grow.
This is about 3 weeks into it.
At this point everything starts to happen pretty fast.  I keep the soil moist.  I check it once a day for signs of little mushrooms growing.
 Look really close and you can see the little button mushrooms forming in week #5. 
Week # 6
Week #6 close-up
And this is two days later!!!!!
Week # 6 and two days I have MUSHROOMS.


  1. Wow... kind of fascinates me and makes my skin crawl all at the same time!! Can you keep growing them repeatedly?

  2. I just ate one today, and I have to say if you like to eat mushrooms it is all worth it. I hope to keep growing them. People say they can get a few harvests from the box.