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Late Spring Garden Progress

The garden is taking off.  The warmer weather here is giving the pepper and tomato plants a good kick start.  We have been harvesting lettuce and kale for a couple weeks now.  This is the work work work stage, getting the plants in and the watering system to accompany them is my least favorite job.  Every year I have to re-invent the watering system.  I am seeing some fruit to my labor and that makes everything worth it!
The spring garden.  Not much to it until you look closer.

The grapes are waking up.

The broccoli is coming out.

The kale is being harvested.
Lettuce under the pear tree for harvest.

Onions growing.

MONSTER cilantro momma plant.
It is like a cilantro tree!
Boysenberry and sunflower plants.
Bell peppers all cozy in the warm bed.

Bell pepper so happy in the heat.

More cilantro and peas.


  1. I like it!! I totally understand the water system thing. I spent last week digging trenches so that I could run water to my garden. This week I'm attaching the drips so that I can plant plant plant!! Also starting my worm box today!!! In my garden I have black berries growing, strawberries, and blue berry bushes. I planted lettuce in the blue berry pots. I also started (in peat pots) tomatillos (purple and green), golden ground tomatoes, cherry and beefsteak tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeño, zucchini, yellow squash and cantaloupe. Planning on adding watermelon, broccoli, pumpkins, corn, green beans, and maybe cauliflower. I'm not sure what else.

  2. also planning on adding many herbs!!

  3. Wow, Amy! You go girl. I wold LOVE to see some pictures of your garden. Post em' up!

  4. Your garden is amazing!

  5. Oh, I need to plant kale. Is it easy to grow? I know it's good for you and my parrots like it too.
    I've learned to make kale chips, very yummy, great substitute for potato chips.

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