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Mother's Day

Well here we are at Mother's Day again.  I am a mother of three children.  I often wonder what my kids will look back at in their childhood.  Will they remember the times I yelled at them?  Will they remember when I stayed up late reading them stories despite my fatigue?  I hope Robb and I are creating a special childhood for them.
   Having children can definitely point out your weaknesses and your strengths.  I have learned so much about my self and my marriage through the parenting of these little darlings.  So here is to Mother's Day, hip hip hurray.
Happy Mother's Day!

2009 Me and the youngest.
Me and the three in 2008
Number three in the oven.

Me and the two in 2006

2005 me and the middle child.
2004 Me and my middle child with my mom and her mother.  4 generations.
Me and the first born sleeping in. (2002)
My oldest in 2001.
And it all begins in the year 2000.


  1. These photos are classic and adorable!!! :) I especially like the glamor shot... and the sleeping one (oh, I remember those times!)

    Happy Mother's Day to an amazing mommy!!! :)

  2. Being here in BKK for a few days I've been able to catch up on your blog a bit (the site isn't blocked here like it is in YGN). I loved this entry! Happy mother's day.