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Early Summer Garden

The Summer weather isn't so summery around here.  We had a frost a few weeks ago that almost took out my entire pepper and tomato crop.  All the cooler weather plants are LOVING it though. Just check out the Kale and lettuce!

 The kale is so happy with the cooler weather.  I hope to harvest through the summer heat.
The boysenberries are ripening!
 This is a view of all the boysenberries and sunflowers in front of the tomato bed.

 My poor struggling tomato plants.  I am building a greenhouse around them and hope to extend the season so I can get all the tomatoes I want.  This will be an interesting process.  I will keep you posted on the progress or lack there of.

This is the garden overview as I walk in the gate.
 The lettuce under my pear tree is going to seed.  The garlic and cilantro is growing as tall as the tree!
 The grapes are recovering from the frosty nights a few weeks ago.

These are my baby Granny Smith apples, they make the BEST applesauce when they are ripe!
Butternut squash 


  1. Your garden looks amazing! You are going to have such a wonderful harvest! :) And I like the new wooden background on your blog, too! :)

  2. Your garden looks great! We have been having cool and wet weather up here in I can relate! :) Hopefully warmer weather is on its way soon!