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Rose Petal Jelly

The rose is one of my favorite plants, not only does it look beautiful but it is so useful.
You can make Rose Petal Jelly from just one cup of rose petals!  Make sure your source of rose petals isn't sprayed with anything toxic.  YOU CAN DO THIS, it is super simple.  I have included step by step pictures so you can see how simple it really is. 

 Select the color rose you want your jelly to turn out to be.  Make sure this rose WAS NOT SPRAYED WITH ANYTHING TOXIC.  Another tip: the more fragrant the rose the better the jelly will taste!
 Gather rose petals by the handful.
 You have to snip off the white base of the rose petals.  Simply harvest by the fist full and snip all the bases together with kitchen scissors before throwing the petals into your bowl. 

 See, it is so easy, at this point you have only invested less than one minute in the process.
 Collect a cup full of rose petals and bring them inside for the next process.

   One box of Pectin (I found this at Food 4 Less in town)
   2 Cups of white sugar
   1 lemon, juiced
   1 Cup prepared rose petals


   1. Prepare your rose petals as directed above in the pictures.
   2. Blend rose petals in your blender with 3/4 cups water and the lemon juice.
   3. Add 2 cups of sugar to the rose petal mixture in the blender and blend until smooth.
   4. Now move to the stove top where you are going to add the powdered pectin to 3/4 cups water and bring this to a boil.  Boil hard for one minute. 
   5. Add the boiled pectin water to the blender with the rose petal mixture and blend until combine. 
   6. Pour your mixture into sterilized jars and your all done.  (the jelly sets up quickly so get it into the jars as soon as possible.)
   7. Let the jars sit at room temperature for 6 hours then refrigerate for up to 3 weeks.  You can freeze your jelly for use in the winter months when you are dreaming about roses. 

 Try experimenting with different color rose petals and see what colors you get.  This is such a dainty treat for summer tea parties and makes a great gift. 


  1. What? I had no idea you could do this! How does it taste??

  2. It tastes very good, lots of sugar in the taste with a hint of rose fragrance. Try and use the most fragrant rose you can find. It only takes 10 min from start to finish so give it a try!