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GARDEN Progress!

I love to see progress in the garden.
Check it out!
 I bought some bell peppers from COSTCO and I have no idea what I have here now..... It looks like some hot peppers, and some jalapeno???.  So much for bell peppers!

My butternut squash is growing!

The tomatoes are blushing pink!

The apples are getting bigger!
The grapes are getting more mature, but the birds are getting to them.

Here is a trick I use to protect the grapes as they grow on the vine.
Simply put a plastic fruit container over the maturing grapes.  The air holes prevent the container from getting too hot and the clear plastic helps the sun get in to help the grapes mature.  Harvest time is easy, snip off the vine and the grapes are ready to give away or store in their container! 

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