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StrawbOcado Pudding

Yes I have named this pudding Stawbocado to indicate that there are strawberries and avocados in it.  The avocado strikes again!  My kids were jamming down Avocado Fudge Pops today and I thought, wow what if we change it up a bit and lower the carbohydrates?????  Well here we go for you non-chocolate lovers (I am not fond of chocolate) 

1 avocado
2 cups strawberries with the tops cut off
2 Tablespoon honey
1 Tablespoon non-dairy milk of choice

Add all your ingredients to the blender and process on high until it is creamy.  Add 1 Tablespoon more milk if you want the pudding less thick or if you are making frozen pudding pops out of this recipe. 

THIS IS SUPER EASY, and it tastes remarkably good!  The total carbs run around 60g for the whole recipe depending on the milk you use.  I made 8 Popsicles and each one came out to be 7g of carbs.  This is truly a snack made in heaven for you diabetics out there.

To make StrabOcado Pudding Pops simply empty your blender contents into a zip-lock bag and cut a hole in one of the sides so you can easily and non-messily fill your Popsicle mold. 

This makes the best summer treat. It has plenty of nutrients and your kids (or you)  can have two or even THREE!  Add some chunks of strawberries in your pops for extra fun. 

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  1. I'll bet my kids would love this... I'm going to try it for them when they are finished with all their smoothie pops! :)