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Kale Chips With A Cool New Tool

My good friend Wendy gave me this NEW PAMPERED CHEF chip maker.  It is so cool, you can make chips in your microwave in no time at all!  Check out how I made Kale Chips super duper fast.

Cut the kale leaf off the hard middle stem and rub olive oil all over the leaves then dust with garlic powder.

 Arrange them on the tray and put them in the microwave for 3min 30seconds.

My kids eat them up so fast. It is pretty easy to make some more.  We want them to eat this stuff right, make them as much as they want.
This is a great carb-free snack.

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  1. Awesome! I'm so glad you tried that so soon. I will have to get one of those when they become available to the general public. How wonderful to be able to make chips in minutes instead of hours. Yahoo!