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Two New Kitchens

It all started in February when we got this brilliant idea that we should remodel our kitchen and most of the flooring in our house.  Having a daughter newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes wasn't enough to keep us busy so we took this on too.................crazy CRAZY, but we are done!  Check it out.  We are so excited.
Ripping out cabinets is a great way to get aggression out!

Robb does the final clean up.

And we are ready for the new cabinets.
New cabinets aren't so pretty until the counter top is put on.

We created cardboard counter tops and we lived with these for a month.
 The kids decorate our cardboard counter tops with crayons.

Ahhhh, at last things are shaping up, I have my blackboard on the wall!  I LOVE using the blackboard for carb counting and recipe developing!  It is magnetic too!

My dad is helping Robb put in the dishwasher. My dad also did some other plumbing projects, he is the BEST!
We tore out the old linoleum. This was the worst job we had done so far. 

The kids decorated the bare floor with crayons.

There is lots of art work under our PERGO!

I added some Bible verses for good measure.

I not only have one new kitchen but two!  All this has been in the works for about a year, and now we can enjoy it. 
And now to the outdoor kitchen.  It was done by Cornerstone Landscape, they were AWESOME!
Cement slab being poured.
 We had the deck done last year and recently decided that we need a kitchen out there too.  I LOVE space, counter tops as far as the eye can see is what I dream of.

Here it is pictured in use at one of our many reunions or birthday parties.  It looks so pretty at night all lit up with a fire going.


  1. Looks fantastic Larianne! I think we have the same fridge... I love it! :)

  2. great, nothing like a new kitchen or 2!