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Product Review = Gluten Free Mama Mixes

As my family and I have traveled on the gluten free journey we have tried many gluten free products.  I have been amazed at the complete failure of a few mixes and recipes and been so happy at the success of others.
Today I would like to bring you two mixes by Gluten Free Mama.  These mixes are gluten and wheat free.  They do have almond flour in them so beware if you have  a nut allergy. 

Gluten Free Mama's Pancake/Waffle Mix

The mix is very easy to assemble, you only need 3 eggs and1 cup of a milk of your choice.
The one step I have never seen before was to separate the egg whites and whip them then fold them into the waffle mix at the end.
 Fold the whipped egg whites into the mix.
The waffles are light and fluffy and pretty tasteless, which is most like a white wheat waffle if you ask me.  This is a perfect replacement for a white wheat waffle! The carb count is pretty high at 21g per waffle.  It looks like you could get three batches of 8 waffles out of this mix.

PANCAKES from the same mix

 These pancakes were super easy to make.  The only things you need to add are some eggs, milk and oil.  They turn out SUPER fluffy.  The carb count is along the same lines as the waffles = 21g per pancake.  These reheat well when lightly toasted in the toaster.  They taste and behave like a typical wheat pancake!
and now for yet another mix from

I have been on the search for a good pizza crust mix since the day we first decided to go gluten-free.  Well I think this is it.  It behaves like a wheat dough without cracking and falling apart. 
Ingredients needed: water,milk of choice, egg, and cider vinegar.
This crust is SUPER easy to roll out!
You bake the crust in the oven until it is just about done then add the toppings.
 Top your pizza with any cheese of choice or no cheese at all.  I personally LOVE mozzarella and bacon pizza! This is one of the best pizza crusts I have tasted in a LONG TIME!  This mix wins favor in the non-gluten-free crowd.

The carb count is pretty high at 25g of carbs per slice if you make two small pizzas and divide it into 16 pieces. 


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