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1950s Christmas Wish List

 What husband wouldn't want a phone for Christmas, especially the new wall mount model that comes in a variety of colors!
Who needs a computer for Christmas when you can get the top of the line hack proof, off the grid word processor. 

Every man in your life NEEDS a pair of these Rough Rider pants.  Doesn't the name just make him seem tougher already?  With these pants he can climb the tallest mountain, and fix the car, maybe even touch his toes!  If you are shopping for the woman of your life look no further than the woodbasket.......
I LOVE the way this woman is posing with her woodbasket, anything can be glamorous in the 1950s! (I think this woman is going to burn her hand on the fireplace though.)
 How about a NEW coffee maker!  Gallons of coffee, and it is stainless steel, so modern!
What to do about your beautiful 3 inch heels in a snow/rainstorm.......get the Drizzle Boot!

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