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1960s Christmas Wish List

Now that we know what people were purchasing in the 1950s let's move ahead to the 1960s.  What are the needs and wants of this generation?  I know my Dad has a few of these things......still. 
That little "Automatic Can Opener" on legs is a must have for your modern kitchen.  It looks so stable and safe!
Next we have the perfect gift for the new father.  If you can get close enough try and read the first part of the advertisement.  "Young fathers can look forward to their weekend baby-sitting chores with greater enthusiasm or less dread, with the new.........."

This advertisement CREEPS ME OUT. The man with the cigar looks a little perverted, especially when the advertisement has such suggestive wording.
Everyone needs a new compact music player this Christmas, be sure and get one for that special someone.  The pink tree just brings it over the top, and screams 1960 from the rooftops.

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