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1970s Christmas Wish List

While this is not a picture of my family in the 1970s, it is a great representation of the era.
 Now, I know most of you were alive in the 70s so this will bring back some memories.  I have noticed as I move from decade to decade, there is so much more STUFF as we reach the modern day, more electronics, toys, things we NEED.  It is hard to nail down the "iconic decade present" in the 1970s because there was so much out there.  I will do my best............
The microwave oven, a 1970s icon.  My mom had full cookbooks on microwave cooking.  This one seems a little pricey for 1970, but it was a new and exciting electronic device!

You gotta love the evolution of the phone over the years.

Ohhhh, I wish we had something like this, it would allow me to have a life and watch my shows when I was ready......oh, wait, I DO.

The evolution of the SNUGGLY

I just can't pass this advertisement up, I remember having yellow toilet paper in the yellow bathroom.  Heaven forbid you ran out of yellow toilet paper and had to borrow from the olive green bathroom.

This advertisement says 1970s all over the place. 

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  1. These are fun posts. :) I remember all those toys... and Michael Landon, legacy of love. :)