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Cinnamon Dough Ornaments (don't eat this)

This craft is sure to work in any crowd, boys, girls, large or small.  The supplies are minimal and it comes together quick.  The results are WONDERFUL. 

 You will need some cinnamon, and some applesauce.  An oven, cookie cutters, and a drinking straw. 
 Add one cup cinnamon to about one cup applesauce...........weird I know.......but as you can see it works!
If the texture is too crumbly, simply add more applesauce.  Your dough should form a nice ball, and roll out well when it is ready.

 Cut out your dough with Christmas cookie cutters. Here is where the drinking straw comes in......make sure you make a hole at the top of your ornament when the dough is soft so you can hang it on the tree later.
This makes a great gluten-free play dough recipe, and smells SOOOOOO good!
Bake the dough at *350 for about 30 minutes, or until the dough is no longer soft. 

Hang your ornament on a Christmas Tree or in your car from the rear view mirror.  These make great presents for family!  Have your child make a hand print with the dough, Grandmothers LOVE those type of gifts!

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