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Dairy-Free CHOCOLATE BANANA pudding/ice creme

My good friend April brought me this recipe a while ago.  I have been making it a after dinner, and once with guests over I realized how good this recipe really is.  Someone asked if I put vanilla ice cream in this recipe, I had to assure them that it was just frozen bananas.  They quizzed me some more, and then I had to make it again in front of them (they probably just wanted seconds.)
You can make this ice cream or pudding depending how much milk you put into the mixture.  Make this recipe with chocolate or carob depending on your taste.

First you have to freeze some bananas. You only need two bananas for this recipe, but if you want seconds you had better get some more frozen NOW.  A quick tip, freeze the bananas without the skins on them, please peel them first!

You don't have to use an ice creme maker!
*2 frozen bananas
*1 tablespoon cocoa, or carob powder
*20 drops chocolate liquid stevia
*1/4 cup non-dairy milk of choice + 2 tablespoons more depending on consistency

I use a combination of one or all three of these stevia flavors. You can get by with just using the chocolate, but the vanilla and toffee add such a great flavor.  My combination is 10 drops chocolate, 5 drops toffee, and 5 drops vanilla creme 

1. fill you VitaMix with two frozen bananas (broken up into smaller pieces), and of the other ingredients.
2. Blend on HIGH for about 30 seconds to a minute, or until the mixture is creamy.

Thanks mom!

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