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Farewell To WINTER

This winter has been a no-show.  There has been frost, there has been an occasional rainstorm, but it is now spring.  TIME TO START THE GARDEN......

This is a bleak picture, but there is still a lot going on in my garden.

Kale will grow right through the winter, even handle some snow! 
I planted this kale and celery LAST SPRING, and it is still here in all it's glory.  Green smoothies abound on cool mornings when you feel like you need a vitamin boost.  

The celery crowns made it through the winter too!

It doesn't look like much is here, but take a closer look..........

Baby carrots are sprouting!

Here are some herbs I started in the window.  I made a mini green house out of a small ziplock and a rubberband.  Super easy, big results! 

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  1. I'm impressed! We're getting ready to start our first garden here.