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Big Plans For The Garden In 2012

I have big plans this year, more corn, more berries, more onions....100 bulbs to be exact.  Don't mock me, you may want to cozy up our friendship, I LOVE to share garden bounty with my friends. 
 This is where I am going to plant a whole bunch of corn.

 These are my boysenberry plants getting their start in the warm weather.

I figure if I over plant, the random scavenger animals will take a percentage, the garden bugs will take another......I will end up with a great harvest.

The chickens have stepped up their egg production, and bug eating!

We have kittens....A.K.A gopher/squirrel extinguishers. 
They look kinda lazy in this picture, but wait until their momma puts a dead gopher in front of them, they become little selfish growl machines.

The flower garden is always a sight to see in spring.  Check it out!



  1. Hey! Looks amazing! You're going to have corn coming out your ears!! :) - Louellen Jensen

  2. I want to be your friend! I will cozy up! It looks amazing, Larianne. Well done!