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Ode to Gi Gi

This is Addison's special stuffed kitty, named Gi Gi.  Gi Gi has been around for three years.  It all started Christmas 2009. 

Christmas 2010 we tried to replace Gi Gi, or at least create a back-up model. 
As you can see the toy starts out white.............
This is the exact same kitty a year apart.

But "Fluffy Gi Gi" was not allowed into the inner circle of Addison's special toys.  It was down right rejected.  The very thought of replacing Gi Gi was an affront. 

Why would we want to replace this cute, lovable, special toy?  Well...............we spend most of our time looking for it, trying to clean it, and generally keeping track of it when we travel. 

Notice, Gi Gi has lost her crown.

This little stuffed animal could be called the head of our household.  It controls the sleep patterns of the four year old, calms her mood, and can always be counted on to provide comfort.  And everyone knows if the four year old is happy.............everyone is happy. 

This is my Ode to Gi Gi

In the very beginning it was just a toy.

It was there to provide some laughter and joy.

As time went on, a bond was formed

The day it happened......I was never informed

Crying for Gi Gi in the middle of the night

Where is Gi Gi, get out your flashlight

A nice grey brown where white used to be

A rough matted coat is all I can see

Glass eyes that are cloudy and worn

Washings and stitchings where it has been torn

A constant companion

A little ones friend

It's lost and it's found

Will it ever end?


  1. This is SO precious! I loved reading it! I have a whole new respect for GiGi....