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Tribute To My Mother

My mother Cynthia Willard Huntsberger passed away October 5th, 2011.  I am still stunned at the suddenness of it all.  I want to dedicate this post to her life and to the spirit of who she was. 
Happy Mother's Day Mom! 
She was a country girl.
 She loved the outdoors.

She loved to celebrate events in life!
 She loved her kids.
 She LOVED family!

 She was a grandmother (pictured here in 2002 with Spencer her first grandson)

 She loved to read to her grandkids!

She was fun!
 She was tough.
She loved technology.  She had one of the first digital cameras. 

She loved going out and exploring, shopping, sightseeing.
She was my mother.

She was her mother's daughter.

She was a youngest sister.

She was my dad's wife.
 I know where she is now, she is happy, healthy, and surrounded by love.
Mom, thank you for all the time you spent pouring into me.  I remember endless activities we did together: crafting, gardening, cake decorating, baking, computer projects, drawing, hiking, reading, and sewing.  You always encouraged me in my talents, and never tried to fit me into a round hole, because you knew I was a square peg.  Through your death on Earth you have taught me to have an eternal perspective.  I know one day we will run together in heaven over the most beautiful landscape, and we will not grow weary. 

Love you,
Your daughter Larianne


  1. I love you, Larianne. That was beautiful. Your mom was really neat. I am honored to have known her.

    Love to you,

  2. That was beautiful, Larianne. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I only responded on your facebook page, I guess. I just re-read this and wanted to thank you again for posting this. It is beautiful. Love you, sister.



  4. Larianne, I discovered your blog in the past few days when searching the internet for information about the death of your uncle Glen. Back when she died, Glen had shared with me the sad news of your mom's accident and passing, so I knew about that, but thoroughly enjoyed reading your beautiful tribute. You NAILED the Cyndie I always knew!

    Indeed, I knew your mom and dad many, many moons ago from about 1968-78...and your aunt Phyllis and uncle Glen and both sets of your grandparents. It gives me great happiness and comfort to see what an amazing life you have built for yourself. You come from a long, long line of survivors--and GREAT cooks. I still have some of your grandma Willard's recipes, though I can assure you they were most definitely NOT sugar and gluten-free!

    Please give my love to your dad during this trying time. Meanwhile, I plan to celebrate life by trying that chocolate donut recipe!

    All the very best,

    Sherry Judd Toplyn