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Childhood Rememberences

There are many things I remember from my childhood.  As I watch another year go by, and propel me towards my 40s, I find myself rememnising.  I have been cleaning out decades worth of things from my parents house.  I keep coming across 1970s and 1980s magazines.  Let's take a walk down memory lane, or introduce you to the 70s and 80s if you are too young for it. 

 There were two choices for the family, the van, or the stationwagon.  I grew up in a van family.

 I remember wearing these fashion statments!
 The scary truth is that, yes we did squirt margarine on our toast and muffins.  We also ate, cooked, and stored food in PLASTIC. 
 I had to put this snack advertizment in.......doesn't this just blast you back to the past.  Morning break in grade school.  You would have a pack of these, or two if you were lucky. 
 Ahhh, yes LEGO.  They have been around FOREVER.  I wish my parents had bought stock in this company. 

I think we had all of these MATTEL toys between my sister, brother, and I.
Gotta love the View-Master!

I wish I had this set now, think of all the places I could go........ I love that there is a huge make-up case to complete this set!
I love this ad just because the boy here is sooooo 1970s.  Did all 1970s kids have to have freckles????? I guess so.
Dude, is that Dennis Quaid?  Maybe he got his start with Lipton!

And where would we be with out Corning is still in use today.


  1. I don't think we had the Mattel vacuum cleaner. I remember most of the other ones. They lasted quite a while.

  2. Wow! Awesome ads. Takes me back to being a kid. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This brings back so many memories. I feel kinda old now even if I’m a 90’s kid because I remember owning these big chunks of Lego blocks (they’re smaller and have more detailed pieces now), the doll stroller and the viewmaster! I must say these were the best toys during our time too.

    Francesca Slone