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ROAD TRIP: Colorado/Utah

June 14th 2012
Today we packed up and headed for Colorado.
 The kids had to leave behind their fairy houses that they so carefully made.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.

 Back in the R.V for the drive to Colorado.  Spencer gets right back into his video game while Addison gets serious about her drawing. 

On the road again!

We had a great time at Focus on the Family.  The kids enjoyed Whit's End. Adventures in Odyssey really came alive as the kids played in the miniature houses, and explored all the fun exhibits.

Saying good-bye to family.  We will miss you David and Chelsea!

June 15th 2012

Today we are making our way to Utah.  It looks like it will be around an eight hour drive.  We decided to take-in some local attractions.

 We decided to push this heavy rock off the side of the cliff, we got pretty close.........don't you think?
 For eight days this R.V has been our home sweet home.

 The slight rain storm made for a nice cloud cover for pictures.

 Addison says that she is so looks like she is eating that
Most of this trip has been spent keeping the kids fed and snack happy.

I just have to leave you with this parting shot for today.  Utah has quite a few of these Truck Trains.  They are crazy long, and everyone moves out of their way.

Thus ends another day on the road of exciting discoveries!
We are going to finish up our trip with one more day of travel.

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