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Road Trip: Homeward Bound to California

Things I have learned on this road trip.

1.  I prefer to vacation in the high mountains with plenty of trees.  Cooler weather and green landscapes ........ those are my absolute favorite.

2.   While on a long road trip I NEED to get enough sleep, time alone, and have good reading material.

3.   I over-packed on the kids clothing and under-packed on socks.

4.    I like to know where I am sleeping for the night, having a plan is a GOOD thing.

5.    I need to have a day by day meal plan.  By day three I am tired of being the maid and personal chef for the family.  Having a plan will help sort things out.

6.   I need to over-pack on diabetic supplies.  Running low on glucose monitor test strips isn’t making for a good vacation. 

7.   Driving for 12 hours straight is TOO long. 

 All in all the family had  a great time.  It was fun to see so many states on this road trip. I appreciate the hospitality of my brother and his wife Chelsea.  I hope this is something my kids will remember for years to come.  I would have to say my favorite state is California, home sweet home. 

I love that California grows so many things.  Driving through the fields, and rows of plants and trees makes me feel like I am home.  We live in such a diverse state, deserts, pine forest, high mountains, and green valleys. I feel that I can truly appreciate the beauty of California as I come back into this golden state.

Back at the ranch.........................

When we got home sweet home and settled into our afternoon routine, we noticed that the cats were eating their food happily by the barn.  Upon closer inspection we found that it was actually a group of five skunks fighting over the cat food. 

 I can't hide my hatred for these animals, they don't have any predators, every animal is either afraid of them or repulsed.  GREAT, now we have a skunk family freeloading on the cat-food.  I am going to find some creative way to do away with these pests.......I will let you know how that goes, and if you smell skunk in the midst of a crowd of people, it will probably be me. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! You get that many skunks? Scary!