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Road Trip to Wyoming Day #2 UTAH

So far so good, I have gotten a lot of reading done.  I haven't sat this long in .............. a long time.  Maybe this vacation isn't starting off to bad after all. 

We are in the state of Utah today!  We will end up in Wyoming this afternoon.

 We got to see all the local animal SKINS.........Robb got into the mountain lion claws. 

 This picture is for one of our good friends who collects all kinds of rocks.

You gotta love the cute little tourist traps along the way.

And that is the end of our second day.
Long day of driving.

It could be worse, we could get trapped in a town which is having a parade, or run out of gas on a mountain pass, or not know where we are camping for the night.....oh wait that did happen. 

I can't wait to get home, I am after all a "Ranch Wife."


  1. Looks very fun and educational, too! Hope you all are having a wonderful time! :)

  2. The first time I saw these pictures; there was only one thing that I remembered -- the Wild West. No doubt that this place is from Utah, the concept of the community with the old barns, and saloon takes me back to the vintage 1840's and 50's. Did you feel that too?