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ROAD TRIP: Wyoming Wanderings

My brother and sister-in-law are taking us on a tour of Wyoming. We saw many sights, and did many things......check it out!

 Testing Macky's blood sugar in Wyoming!

I am getting hungry for buffalo burgers.

 This is the Wyoming state capitol early 1900s

 Robb and I look like the senile old people of this group, we just can't quite get our frontier on......

I think David enjoyed the dress-up more than the kids.

Chelsea took us girls on a tour of the Wyoming Botanical Garden.

The boys played Lazer Tag at the Air Force base activity center.
Robb was so brave to ride on a buffalo!

Chelsea and Macky made a friend.

There is something I have noticed about Wyoming........IT IS WINDY!  Very very windy at times........I HATE WIND.  It makes the kids crazy, it makes me anxious.......aaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Another interesting thing about Wyoming, all the fireworks stands......literally around every corner.

Yes, read that title carefully....remember we aren't in Vegas!

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