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A Walk Through My Summer Garden 2012

 There is a chair in my bedroom that looks out onto the flower garden.  I often sit here to get away from life's pressures.  There is always something interesting going on here.  Nature is the best television.
 All the bees and butterflies are loving the flower garden.  I like this picture below because I caught a bee in flight.
 This deer is causing all sorts of problems in the garden, his favorite food being MY PLANTS.
He has lots of friends too!

I am getting a few things out of my garden.  The corn is LAME this year, as well as the tomatoes.  It must not be hot enough, or summer started too late???

Under the corn there are little surprises, it is so fun to see what the various gourd seeds are producing!




The tomatoes this year just can't seem to get going.....LAME.
I do have a few peppers on the way.

Every garden needs some sunflowers, not only are they nice to look at, but they bring in BEES!

These little creatures are eating my grape plants.  They are doing quite a bit of damage. What are they?  They look like some sort of caterpillar to some beautiful butterfly......I hate them though.
Little baby cilantro plants.
Harvesting onions and garlic!

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  1. You had a good shot of the bee, ma'am. Was that unintentionally shot? It reminded me of Wasp of Marvel comics. LOL! She’s one of my favorite marvel characters, you know. Anyway, your garden looks very beautiful. People should take some time to enjoy nature! :)