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Carb FREE jello

I am so excited to have this jello.  My type 1 diabetic daughter can have as much jello as she wants.  This jello has no Aspartame.  It is made with a Stevia drink mix, which is carb free.  This is super easy to put together.  My 4 year old daughter helped with most of it.  You will need to purchase some gelatin, and stevia drink mix.

You will need four packets of gelatin, 
4 cups of water, 
and 4 teaspoons of stevia drink mix.

First bring 3 cups of water to boil.  Then add the four packets of gelatin to the one cup of cold water, let that sit for about five minutes.  It will thicken quite a bit.  After the 3 cups of water boils take it off heat and add the 4 teaspoons (or more to taste) of the stevia drink mix.  Pour the hot stevia water into the gelatin water and whisk together.  Pour into molds........pop the jello into the frig for about 3 hours and you are all done!
 I used some india tree food coloring to make the jello a nice pink color.

You can pour the jello into any mold, this is in a mini bundt cake mold.  It turned out beautifully, and there still aren't any carbs in it! 

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