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School Games for EVERY AGE

Here are some fun games for those transitional times between subjects.  Or games to use when practicing a specific skill.

Measurement Scavenge

Supplies needed:  one ruler per child
How to play: simply call out a measurement between 1 and 12 inches.  The children run around measuring things.  First one to bring the object with the correct measurement back wins. 
Variations: you can use a yard stick, tape measure, or flip the ruler and do centimeters.



Supplies:  paint chip cards from any hardware store
How to play:  Pass out the paint chip cards and have the children run around trying to match a color on their card to something in the house. 
Variations:  you can also just call out a color.  Call out colors in another language.  Have the children draw out slips of color from a jar. Play this game outside, slip the cards into your purse to use at a park.
 The kids can color match every hue on the card.  The kids can color match big objects like furniture, the floor, and walls.  Sky is the limit.  This is a great indoor game, but can also be played outside.


Shape Scavenge

Supplies: cards with shapes on them. (draw shapes on index cards)
How to play:  have the children draw one card and run around the house or outside looking for that shape.  First one back is the winner.  
Variations: have the children work on teams and pass out five cards to each team. 


Number Scavenge

Supplies: Number cards or a deck of playing cards with the kings, queens, and jacks taken out.
How to play:  have the children draw a card and then collect that number of like things.  Examples: 8 books, 4 pictures, 10 spoons. Make sure they replace all their collections at the end of each turn or you will have some major clean-up when the game is over. 
My son is super creative with this game.  He came up with the money equaling $8, and the thumb-drive with 16 files on it. You just never know how your kids are going to surprise you, I thought he would be bored with this game. 


Find it in the RICE 

Supplies: One plastic bottle, some dry rice, small objects that can fit through the bottle opening, a camera, and printer.
How to play:  First, take a picture of the small objects you are going to put in the bottle.  Then fill the bottle with the small objects and the rice.  Screw the lid on VERY TIGHT, or glue/tape it on. Print out your small objects picture.  I slipped my picture into a plastic sleeve so the kids could cross off the objects with a dry erase marker as they find them. The kids take turns finding the objects in the rice.  This is a great game for the car or any other quiet time. 

Remember to make it fun.  kids have an abundance of energy and imagination. Ask them to make up a game or two, you may be surprised what they come up with. 

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