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Things to do with POTATOES

I have always enjoyed potatoes, but they take so long to cook.  Here is a tip........CROCK-POT them! 
Here are some things I made with my crock-pot potatoes.
Put your washed raw potatoes in the crock-pot with 1/2 cup of water. Set on high and leave it alone for a few hours, check after 4 hours. The size of your potato will determine the length of time they have to be in there. The potatoes are done when a knife can be inserted through without hitting anything hard.

These potatoes can be eaten as is or you can cut your crock-pot baked potatoes up into chunks, and throw them into a pan with some oil,salt, and garlic/onions. You can bag these cut potatoes up and throw them in the frig with all your ingredients for breakfast tomorrow morning. Simplicity at it's finest.

A quick breakfast to get you going on your way.

Or if you just can't wait to make something out of potatoes, MAKE FRENCH FRIES!  These are SUPER simple to make and easy to eat........
 Soak your raw cut french fries in cool water for about 30 minutes or so. 
This gets some of the starch out. 
 Completely dry your raw soaked french fries before you coat them with oil and salt. I added some garlic powder to mine!

Yummy fries, they take about 40 minutes to bake in the oven at 400*.  I like my fries kinda crunchy so I give them about 50 minutes in the oven at 400*

Do the same thing with sweet potatoes too!  They don't need to cook as long in the crock-pot. 

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