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PALEO Type Kid Snacks #1

A new year, a new outlook on the way we eat, a new diet.......Paleo, I am not too happy about all the changes to get on this diet but it is gluten free.  I feel that if I at least try Paleo that would be a good start. Paleo to me is a low carb gluten-free food choice, and if I end up getting a few good recipes the kids like and not end up sticking to the ridged loss.  There is lots of protien and foods with a low glycemic index for diabetes in Paleo.  So here are my best bets for snacks, because we all know if the kids aren't happy..........nobody is happy, especially between meals.  The first place to start is snacks, always the snacks because they happen so often and have to be packed and thought of ahead of time 80% of the time.  Here we go..................

Snack #1-Fruit & Peanut butter

 Put peanut butter / almond butter on fruit or lettuce.This is super low in carbs and very satisfying. Wrap lunch-meat in lettuce too!

Snack #2 -Trail Mix

The super portable and packable trail mix..........need I say more.  Make your own special blend. You can make up lots of trail mix bags and store them in the frig. 
The chocolate chips are to get the kids interested in the snack, the other stuff is to fill their tummy. That is the truth. 
 Yeah, measuring everything out is a little extreme, but not with counting carbs and insulin.  Go Type 1 Diabetes!

Snack #3

I got these three different flavors at Traider Joes grocery store.  They are only about 15g of carbs each and so easy to throw into the lunch bag.

Snack #4

  Yes, my kids do like to eat seaweed.  It took awhile but they got used to it.  It is satisfying in a salty crunch sorta way. Best part is that there are zero carbs!

I am continually in search of great snacks so this is only the beginning!


  1. Great idea for healthy snacks. And now I'm wanting to try seaweed too.

  2. My husband and son will be travelling in a car for three hours, so I used your idea of putting peanut butter between fruits and neatly put it in a basket. LOVE IT