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Sweet Alternative To Candy Easter Treats

Here we are again bombarding the kids with CANDY for Easter.  The grocery stores, Hardware stores, and commercials all preach CANDY.  I feel like I am holding back a tidal-wave sometimes.  Eating healthy is getting so very hard.  As the kids grow up they are eating MORE AND MORE food. As the quantity increases the quality needs to be kept up too.  EXPENSIVE!

I have come up with some more Easter candy alternatives this year.  Check them out.

The first Idea I found on Pinterest, CLICK HERE to visit my Easter/Spring inspired board on Pinterest.  They used some cereal to fill their bag with, I thought why not use popcorn and call it.......Bunny Tails.  Kinda morbid humor, yes.  I have a board for that on Pinterest too.....tee hee hee!
So basically you just use the tags I made to put on the top of a ziplock bag of popped and seasoned popcorn!  Super easy right?  Let me show you.

First, pop some popcorn and season it just the way you like it. 
Print out the labels I have at the end of this explanation and attach them like shown.  You can make your own labels from the random clip art I have attached to this post if you wish.  These are just ideas for your brain to process.

Here we are all done, It looks pretty good.  If you add one cup of popcorn to each bag you are going to have a 5g carb snack.  Not too bad at all. 

You are going to need the recipe for this fun treat. CLICK HERE to visit my post on Marsh mellow Free Rice Krispy Treats!  Use this recipe and simply pack your chocolaty treats in a plastic egg.  It will supposedly take on the perfect egg shape. 
I will give you a step by step, because some of you are visual learners like me. Let's see if this works!

 The process is pretty simple as you can see from the pictures.  Grease the egg shells, fill, pack it in, then stick together.  Make sure you have enough in the egg so the two ends meet in the middle and pack together pretty well. 
 All but one of the chocolate eggs came out in pieces.  I had to stick them back together with brute force.  It wasn't too bad.  They stayed together pretty well in the bag.  Keep the treats refrigerated until your ready to present them your angelic child on Easter. 
 And here you have the finished product.  You are going to make about 8 eggs with this recipe.  The carb count will be about 43g per egg.  Not too bad.........but so much work.
At this point you have to judge if all the work is worth the product.  This process could be shortened if you just form the chocolate krispy balls yourself into an egg shaped and pop them into the frig to harden.  Who knows?

Use this printout for the tops of your bags, or make a cute one of your own.  Yes, more morbid humor, this is me people.  My 12 year old son loves this.
Here are a few more Easter images you can use to make whatever........

Remember you can always fill those cute little eggs with toys.  Check out my previous post about that, CLICK HERE to be magically transported to that page......whoosh.


Dehydrated Carrots

Go out and buy a whole bunch of carrots.
I bought five pounds of organic carrots from COSTCO the other day and made 3 cups of dehydrated carrot.......holy cow that was fast!  It wasn't too much work to get this vitamin packed carrot powder.  Let me show you. 

 STEP# 1 & 2 - Use a powerful blender or food processor to puree your washed and diced raw carrots.  Spread the puree over the dehydrator sheet.
 STEP #3 dehydrate on high for about 5 hours or until the carrot puree is crispy.
 STEP #4 gather up your dehydrator sheet and pour the dry puree back into the blender.

TA-DA all done.  Now what can you use this stuff for?


#1 add it to your smoothies

#2 add it to carrot cake, muffins, cookies
 When I made Elena's Pantry GF Almond Carrot Cake , I added one cup of dehydrated carrots and one cup of applesauce to replace the 3 cups of raw shredded carrots.  That carrot cake recipe makes the best muffins.  Give it a try.

#3 add it to your favorite waffle recipe 
 I added about 1/2 cup of the carrot powder to replace a half cup of the almond flour in my waffle recipe.  If you would like to give my waffle recipe a try CHICK HERE.

I figured the carbohydrates out to be about 4g per Tablespoon of carrot powder.

I am sure you can think of many more uses for this wonderful vegetable powder.  Let me know what you come up with.  I tried doing this with other starchy vegetables with great success.  Beets worked brilliantly.  I bet you could do this with spinach or kale?  Sky is the limit.  GO GET A DEHYDRATOR!