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Cleaning Grease Filters

It is spring cleaning time. This was an exciting and easy way to clean those disgusting grease filters above the stove.  I found this on Pinterest.  This is the site for the full explanation and directions. This is a great site for all those natural cleaning formulas. 
 Basically you just boil a huge pot of water and slowly add about a half cup of baking soda.  Then you add your grease filter and boil the grease away.  A word of advice, make sure your grease filter fits into the pot you are going to use.  You should be able to submerse the filter over half way.  You can turn it over to do the top side.  I only had to boil my filters for a few minutes, time will vary depending on how much grease is saturating your filter.
 This is the slug I filtered off the top of the water (with a spoon and paper-towel) after the first filter was done.  I boiled all three filters in the same water.  The water got increasingly greasy and the last filter wasn't as clean as the first. 
To fully clean those grease filters you might want to change the water and start the whole process over each time.  This is a picture of the first filter I cleaned.  Good as new!
WOW, all it took after the boiling was a quick rinse in the sink and a little soap on a washcloth to do the sides.  Dry and replace your filters over the stove.  This process took easily under an hour.  Boiling the water in the beginning was most of the wait.

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