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Strawberry Power Powder

Q:What do you get when you leave your strawberry fruit leather in the dehydrator too long?
A: You get strawberry fruit powder! 

At first I was devastated, then angry that all my hard work making these fruit leathers had gone to waste.  I was making some granola on the counter at the same time and a brilliant idea came into my head (thank you Lord) fruit powder in the granola mix!

If you don't have a dehydrator or want to save some time I have seen fruit powder for sale CLICK HERE to see the variety of fruit powders and prices.  I also found some for sale on AMAZON CLICK HERE to see the strawberry fruit powder for sale.  To make this jar of goodness all you have to do is over-dehydrate some fruit leather then blend up the shards. 

I am just so glad that my unfortunate mistake with my strawberry fruit leathers turned out so well. The best thing about this discovery is that you can do this with any fruit.  Imagine getting lots of fruit in season and dehydrating it into fruit powder for use all year long! 

Add fruit powders to smoothie mixes, muffin or cake recipes, honey, milk, the list is endless.
Never fear, I will experiment for you, this is what I tried and this is what did and didn't work so well:


All I had to do was to add 1/4 cup of this strawberry powder to my grain free granola mix. CLICK HERE for the original recipe.  It left as slight hint of strawberry flavor but nothing big.  If you want a lot of flavor, add a lot of strawberry powder.


I substituted 1/4 cup of strawberry powder for 1/4 of the flour mixture.  The muffins turned out great but I didn't taste too much of the strawberry flavor.  It adds nutrition but not a lot of taste.  



This is one of the easiest was to take advantage of the powder.  Simply add 1/4 cup to a 2-3 cup smoothie.  It will give a rich consistency to your drink, and pack in a lot of strawberry flavor.



Add 1 tablespoon of strawberry powder to 2 tablespoons honey.  This didn't work too well. My son and I liked it. You have to keep it warm and melted in order to pour it.  Who has got time for that? We put it on our pancakes and it did taste good.


I am sure there are lots more uses for this vitamin packed strawberry powder, let me know if you come across some good ones.
The carb count on this is about 8g for one tablespoon. There is a lot more information on this great product check it out.

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  1. I buy the dehydrated strawberries at TJ's and crush them in the bag. (Same idea I guess!) Then I add them to homemade bars. They are kind of like Pro Bars and a lot cheaper and healthier than Cliff Bars.