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Carb-Free Popsicles ( Diabetic Summer )

Summer presents a variety of problems for the type 1 Diabetic.  One of them being the amount of food consumed and insulin needs when you are running around exercising a lot in the hot sun.  Bloodsugar needs fluctuate so fast depending on how hot it is outside, the activity level, and what type of food is eaten.  I try and make it as simple as possible for my daughter so she can adjust her insulin pump as needed.
Having a carb-free snack is one idea I have come up with to make summer easier.  My daughter can have a popsicle any time she wants, no counting carbs, no delivering insulin, no getting high blood sugar.  When she has her friends over she gets to enjoy carefree snacking. 

I have two other posts with carb-free summer food ideas........
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Low-carbohydrate ice cream

 First you are going to need to get some  liquid stevia or a carb free drink mix. I use Stevita drink mixes.  There are only a few ingredients and they are carb-free.  CLICK HERE to check it out.  CLICK HERE to check out the liquid stevia I use.  There are all sorts of flavors to choose from.
Lemons are seriously low in carbs, next to none!  Get some lemons.

Some coconut milk added to your flavoring will bring in some cream flavor.  Consuming more than 4 popsicles might add up to a few carbs and some rise in blood sugar later due to the fat content.  Just be aware. 

I saw this cool idea on Pinterest for making popsicles using a lemon slice to keep the popsicle stick upright and centered while freezing. It totally works. I took this idea and used cut strawberries instead of lemons, that works too.  The kids liked the strawberry popsicles better.
 First gather your supplies.  Small paper cups, wooden popsicle sticks, large fresh strawberries, or lemon slices, and a carb-free drink mix of choice.

 Simply cut the lemon into thin slices and skewer the slice in the middle with your popsicle stick.  Fill your paper Dixi cup with your juice of choice, pop the lemon top on, and freeze. 
 The lemon is kinda big for this little Dixi cup.  This would work better with a bigger cup.
 The kids had lots of fun testing the final product!

 This next idea was by far the best.  Use strawberries on top of your popsicle stick. Yes there is like one carb (if that) per strawberry slice.  That is nothing for my daughter, but be aware if you start consuming multiple popsicles.
 Cut the strawberries thinly across the widest point.  Pour your drink mix into the cup and skewer the strawberry with the popsicle stick.  This keeps the popsicle stick in the middle of the cup while freezing.  GENIUS!
 Check it out, it totally worked.  These are great for birthday parties.
 My girls loved the strawberry at the bottom, it was a treat.
I mixed up different flavored juices with the fresh strawberries.  Strawberry juice flavor of course matched the best.  Orange and grape flavor weren't too bad either.  The fresh strawberry doesn't clash with any flavor it seems.  Have fun experimenting!



No, I didn't make the bread for these croutons.  This is so much simpler.......just go out and buy some GF hamburger buns, that is what we are making our croutons out of today! 
Go to the store and get GF buns.

Now that we have the hard work of buying the buns out of the way let's get down to crouton making.

 oil your pan pretty well so the bread doesn't stick. Then cut up some GF hamburger buns.  You are going to need about 4 good sized buns for this recipe. You can make the croutons any size you like.  I am going for the big restaurant size croutons here. This is a great use for stale bread too!


4 GF hamburger buns cut up
2 Tablespoons butter (or butter substitute)
2 Tablespoons coconut oil
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

Now pop it in the 250* oven for about 30 min or until the croutons are golden brown.  Let the croutons cool completely down before you store them. This jar was full to the brim but I had to try one crouton, then another, and another........These are very good and I couldn't stop eating them.
You can store your croutons in a sealed jar for future use.

These croutons are great additions to salads and soups.  What do you use croutons for, let me know?


New Garden

Just to prove I have a workaholic or ADD personality I will fill you in on my latest conquest.
I am moving my garden to the side of my house.  I don't know how the idea first started, maybe it was the long distance I had to walk to get fresh greens for my smoothie, maybe it was PG&E looking at the telephone pole in the middle of my old garden for a possible extraction.  Who knows?

In the beginning there was a hill in the middle of winter.  I had this idea.........

The hill became various leveled platforms.

The hill received two metal planters (completely gopher proof I might add.)

 Everyone helped to fill the planters with dirt!

Filling the planters was "loads" and "loads" of fun.  My father estimated that there was about 2000lbs of dirt in each planter here.  No wonder I have a back ache...
And now to make it animal proof, as much as one can. First I made the lower planters over a strong galvanized metal mesh to prevent gophers.  Next I fenced the whole garden in and since the fence wasn't tall enough to prevent deer I strung fishing line over the top.  The fishing line can hold many flapping shiny things to warn the deer of this invisible force-field.  Hopefully the squirrels will stay out being that our cat population of 11 keeps that in check.

The soil brought forth plants and a harvest!

Onions and Lettuce

Bell peppers and carrots

Peppers and carrots down the middle.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with this wonderful garden.  The kids got a good dose of sunshine and dirt while doing this project.