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No, I didn't make the bread for these croutons.  This is so much simpler.......just go out and buy some GF hamburger buns, that is what we are making our croutons out of today! 
Go to the store and get GF buns.

Now that we have the hard work of buying the buns out of the way let's get down to crouton making.

 oil your pan pretty well so the bread doesn't stick. Then cut up some GF hamburger buns.  You are going to need about 4 good sized buns for this recipe. You can make the croutons any size you like.  I am going for the big restaurant size croutons here. This is a great use for stale bread too!


4 GF hamburger buns cut up
2 Tablespoons butter (or butter substitute)
2 Tablespoons coconut oil
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

Now pop it in the 250* oven for about 30 min or until the croutons are golden brown.  Let the croutons cool completely down before you store them. This jar was full to the brim but I had to try one crouton, then another, and another........These are very good and I couldn't stop eating them.
You can store your croutons in a sealed jar for future use.

These croutons are great additions to salads and soups.  What do you use croutons for, let me know?

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