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New Garden

Just to prove I have a workaholic or ADD personality I will fill you in on my latest conquest.
I am moving my garden to the side of my house.  I don't know how the idea first started, maybe it was the long distance I had to walk to get fresh greens for my smoothie, maybe it was PG&E looking at the telephone pole in the middle of my old garden for a possible extraction.  Who knows?

In the beginning there was a hill in the middle of winter.  I had this idea.........

The hill became various leveled platforms.

The hill received two metal planters (completely gopher proof I might add.)

 Everyone helped to fill the planters with dirt!

Filling the planters was "loads" and "loads" of fun.  My father estimated that there was about 2000lbs of dirt in each planter here.  No wonder I have a back ache...
And now to make it animal proof, as much as one can. First I made the lower planters over a strong galvanized metal mesh to prevent gophers.  Next I fenced the whole garden in and since the fence wasn't tall enough to prevent deer I strung fishing line over the top.  The fishing line can hold many flapping shiny things to warn the deer of this invisible force-field.  Hopefully the squirrels will stay out being that our cat population of 11 keeps that in check.

The soil brought forth plants and a harvest!

Onions and Lettuce

Bell peppers and carrots

Peppers and carrots down the middle.

I want to thank everyone who helped me with this wonderful garden.  The kids got a good dose of sunshine and dirt while doing this project.

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