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Zucchini Flour

Yes, you now have a purpose for all that zucchini that is growing like crazy in the garden.  Make zucchini powder/flour.  I call it flour because it is ground up to the texture of a multigrain flour.  It can be used like a gluten-free flour.  AMAZING.

 Cut up your zucchini and dehydrate the disks until they are bone dry.  Add the dried zucchini to your blender and blend until a fine powder is formed.  I am using the dry canister for the Vitamix.  I am sure that any food processor/blender would do just fine.  This isn't a hard substance to grind.
 And you are all done! This is a super low carb vegetable flour.  I estimate that it will be about one gram of carbohydrates for one tablespoon.  That is what I arrived at after estimating how many mid sized zucchinis I dehydrated divided by how many tablespoons of powder I came up with.  

Another note, you need lots and lots of zucchini to make a good quantity of zucchini powder.  This jar is full of powder from at least 5 medium sized zucchini. WOW.  So it is only cost effective if you are growing your own, and growing lots.
Well, how do you use this flour????? 
You can add this flour to muffin recipes, pancake batters, and zucchini breads of course.  Simply replace 1/4 cup flour for the zucchini powder. 
Add this powder to smoothies, stews, and soups to thicken them.
It has a bland taste that is easily disguised in the recipe. 


  1. Do you think 100% zucchini flour spaghetti would have a more white flour like texture than the fresh zuchhini spaghetti?

  2. I have never tried to make spaghetti. I assume that the zucchini flour would preform better than the fresh zucchini being that it is more like the traditional white flour. The zucchini flour will absorb a lot of the moisture, you will have to play around with the wet/dry ratio of ingredients. Best of luck to you. Let me know how it all turns out.

  3. What method did you use to dehydrate the disks?

  4. I used my Excalibur Food Dehydrator. I don't know which setting....somewhere in the middle heat and just kept them in there
    until the discs were hard and fully dry.

  5. Have you ever tried replacing all of the flour in a cake/bread/biscuit recipe with this?

    1. I have never tried replacing all the flour with this. It might work, I'll let you know if it works out when I try it.

  6. WOW You rock! Thank you. I tasted some muffins made with zucchini "flour" and I couldn't tell the difference between real flower. Thank you!

  7. do you know where I can buy ready made zucchini flour?


    I found some dehydrated zucchini at the above site, which you can then make into powder in your blender.

  9. Was standing in my kitchen won de ing what to do with my 5000 zucc's. The voice in my head said FLOWER. Sure, why not? Googled zucchini flower and here u are. Greagg idea. Thanks for trying and confirming the voice in my head. FYI I healed breast and ovarian cancer without medicines. Been in practice for 30 years. For diabetes check out 3rd generation of the work I did to clear my cancers. Brilliant work. Yojj can learn the whole thing from the website. Good folks share. Good luck.

  10. Well done! and
    Great images.

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